“Experience is a brutal teacher, but you learn. My god, do you learn.”

C. S. Lewis

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Jessica Lange, 1974 by Antonio Lopez

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Velvet Underground & Nico, 1967

Andy Warhol


Upcycled Vintage Plates | Honestly WTF

Does anyone else love collecting vintage china? I have picked up this dangerous habit from my mother, who has an amazing collection of chintz Winton & other pieces she has collected. She also has a knack of finding gorgeous embroidered tablecloths. I might have knicked a couple of them! Though I have some plates that I adore and would not alter in any way, there are a few that could do with a bit of an update. I love these pieces inspired by Melody Rose. They’re still vintage and pretty but with a bit of a modern edge. Keep in mind that most waterslide paper is not to be washed or eaten off of (though there are some types of paper that you bake in the oven that you can then eat off of and wash, but check before you do!). Check out Free Pretty Things For You for free vintage pics to decorate your china!

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Literally me.

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